Team Name:  Winchester Hail

Club Name (if applicable):  Winchester Netball Club

Current Division: Hail is a mix of players from a number of teams at WNC

Who we are: We are friends at the club playing for different teams. We want to play good competitive netball but we are not going to lose sleep if we don’t win.

In our respective teams at WNC we play at various levels in Hampshire Div 2 and in SNA Prem and Div 1.

Training: We train in Winchester on a Wednesday evening.

New players: We are short of shooters - always!


Kit: Purple white and blue

Team Photo:

Team Captain:        Sandra Bowhay                Vice Captain: Claudia Rafferty

Primary Carer:        Julia Beckett                        Club Contact: Sandra Bowhay

Qualified Umpires: Sandra Bowhay

Qualified Coaches: Sandra Bowhay