Andover & District Netball Association

League Rules 2021/22

Registration to ADNA

1.        Team Entry Forms must be submitted electronically to the ADNA by the AGM.

2.        Entry Fees and Deposit must also be received by the AGM.

3.        All players must be England Netball (EN) members.

Sanction: Teams will be fined for each player found playing without holding a current EN Membership. £10 fine per player and 3-point deduction to the offending team per occasion.

4.        Players must be female and aged 14+.

5.        ADNA Player Registration Forms together with proof of EN Membership for each player must be received by the Registration Secretary electronically by midnight on 30th September.

Sanction: Failure to provide this paperwork by this date will result in a £10 fine and a 5-point penalty. Furthermore, any team not providing this paperwork between 1st October and 24 hours before the start of their first fixture will forfeit their first fixture resulting in the Cancellation penalty per rule number 41.

6.        Each team may have up to 16 players registered at one time.

7.        From 30th September teams with less than 16 players can register additional players by completing the additional player form and providing proof of EN Membership to the Registration Secretary. This must be received 24 hours before the match. Additional players are not permitted within the last 3 matches.

Sanction: Any team found playing any unregistered player(s) following the completion of the initial player registration form will be fined both £10 and deducted 5 points per player.

8.        If a team has a player who becomes pregnant, moves away from the area or sustains a long-term injury which prevents them playing for the remainder of the season, the team can request to remove the player from the registration list for the remainder of the season in writing to the Registration Secretary. This player can be replaced with a different player by following rule 7.

9.        No player registered in the Adult England National Premier League or above may play below Division 1. A Division 1 team wishing to register a player of this level is limited to one player per team per season.  

10.        Players are entitled to change their club registration during the season. The player must request the transfer in writing to the Registration Secretary and pay a £5 transfer fee. Player transfers are not permitted within the last 3 matches for any team concerned.

11.        A club entering two or more teams must indicate on the entry form the team order by describing Team A, B, C etc. A separate ADNA player registration form must be completed for each team in the club. All teams within the club must have the same EN club ID number.

12.        No player within a club may play down, A to B, B to C etc.

13.        Players within a club may play up twice, e.g. C to B or C to A. On the third occasion the player will remain a member of the highest team played for and therefore not eligible to play down again.

Sanction: Any player found breaking rule 12 or 13 will be deemed as an unregistered player and the team will be fined £10 and deducted 5 points

14.        A club cannot demote a player to a lower team at any point during the season.

15.        A team who wishes to withdraw from the league after the entry deadline but before the fixtures are published will lose their deposit.

16.        A team who wishes to withdraw from the league after the fixtures have been published will lose their registration fee and deposit.

17.        Any team withdrawing from the league must pay any monies owing in full. Team players are jointly responsible for this and will not be able to play for another team until their share has been paid in full.

Sanction: Any player found breaking this rule will be deemed an unregistered player and the offending team will be fined £10 and deducted 5 points.

18.        In the event of a team dropping out of the league during the season; where that team has already played each team in that division an equal number of times, these results will stand. All other points and goals will be deleted from the results table. The folding team will be discounted from the final results table.

19.        The treasurer will issue each team with an invoice for court fees and umpiring fees in each half of the season. Invoices are payable via cheque or electronic bank transfer. All invoices are payable within 30 days of the invoice date.

Sanction: Failure to pay within 30 days of the invoice date will incur a 5 point penalty.

20.        The treasurer will issue all fines in relation to rule breaks. All fines must be paid within 30 days of the penalty notice date.

Sanction: Failure to pay any fine within 30 days of issue date will incur a 3 point penalty

League/Match Administration.

21.        The number of divisions will be at the discretion of the committee.

22.        Seeding of teams will be at the discretion of the committee and can be changed following the submission of player registration sheets.

23.        Fixtures will be issued by the committee prior to the commencement of each season.

24.        The committee reserves the right to change any fixture at any time.

25.        All fixtures are expected to be played.

26.        Fixtures will only be postponed and re-arranged by the committee. The committee will advise team contacts of postponement by 5pm of the fixture. Postponed matches will be rearranged for a date and venue fixed by the committee.

27.        Fixtures will be played at venues approved by the committee. All teams, umpires, officials and spectators must adhere to the venue protocols and use bench areas provided, as per Appendix 1: Venue Protocols.

Sanction: Any team in breach of the venue protocols will be fined at the committee's discretion.

28.        Start time for games will be defined by venue, as per below:

Venue                                Early match                Late Match

John Hanson School                6:45 – 8:00pm                8:15 – 9:25pm

Andover Leisure Centre        6:55 – 8:10pm                8:25 – 9.40pm

The Wellington Academy        6:55 – 8:10pm                8:25 – 9:40pm

29.        Games will be in accordance with the current INF rule book, to the latest amendments.

30.        Games shall consist of 4 quarters of 15 minutes, with a maximum of 2 minutes at quarter time and 5 minutes at half time.

31.        Each team must provide a match ball. The umpires will choose the match ball and retain the other as the reserve match ball. At least one umpire shall witness the coin toss to decide the first centre pass.

32.        Teams will be awarded points as follows: -

5 points for a win

3 points for a draw

2 points for obtaining 50% of opponents score

0 points for not obtaining 50% of the winning team’s score

33.        Where teams have equal points, positioning will be decided by goal average, which shall be calculated based on ‘goals for’ divided by ‘goals against’.

34.        The following fields of the result sheet must be completed before the start of play; Date, Venue, Team name, Opposition team name, Division, Time, Named Captain, Primary Carer, Players full names (cross out any pre-printed names of players not present), Guest Players (GP) to be noted by their name, playing up players (PU) to be noted by their name.

Sanction: An on-court player will be asked to complete the scoresheet before taking any part in the game until complete.

35.        Each team must provide the scoring table with their team’s completed results sheet, scoring card before commencement of the game. Any late arrivals must approach the scoring bench and ensure their name is added to the team sheet before taking to the court.

36.        In the event of match abandonment due to injury where a player cannot be moved from court, or umpire injury/sickness or venue emergencies/failure in facilities, if the stoppage takes place:

(a)        Less than half the game has been played, the game will be re-arranged for a later date and venue fixed by the committee.

(b)        If more than half the game has been played, the score will stand as a result.

37.        At the end of the match the scorers will transfer the scores for each quarter onto the results sheet. The umpires and scorers must print and sign the results sheet and will record if any parties are late or failed to attend.

38.        The results sheet and scoring card must be collected from the scoring table by the team captain who must then elect a best player from the opposing team stating their full name.

39.        Teams must send an image of the completed results sheet to the Results Secretary via the following email:

Teams to retain the original paperwork for any future reference. Results sheets must be emailed and received by 6pm of the Sunday following the date of the game.

Sanction: Team will receive a 1 point penalty.

40.        An Incorrect results sheet will incur a fine of £5.

41.        Teams wishing to cancel their match must do so by Midday on the day of the fixture, the team cancelling the match will cover both teams court fees. A Team cancelling after the Midday deadline, in addition to court fees, will be charged both umpiring fees. The cancelling team must inform the Results Secretary, Umpire Secretary, opposing team, umpires and the scorers team contacts in writing and receive confirmation of the cancellation.

Sanction: Teams cancelling matches shall forfeit the match and deducted 5 points. The non-offending team will be awarded 5 points for the win and awarded the following goals:

Division 1                 45 goals

Division 2                 30 goals

Division 3                25 goals

42.        A team’s non-arrival will be deemed as a post midday cancellation.

43.        If a team cancels more than 2 matches in the season they will be suspended for the rest of the season and lose their deposit. An appeal can be submitted in writing to the disciplinary officer within 48 hours of the teams last scheduled match, if teams have had to isolate due to Covid cases. Re-entry into the league for the upcoming season will be at the committee’s discretion. Rule 18 will also apply.

44.        A club wishing to play a player up must indicate the player on the team sheet as PU (played up).

If a player is named on a team sheet (PU) at the start of the game but has not taken part in the said game and not ticked as played, then this will not be counted as playing up.

45.        Guest Players - If a team cannot field 7 of their own players, they can use up to 2 qualifying Guest Players (GP):

(a)        A Guest players name must be on the team sheet before the start of play (and marked GP) for the player to be eligible to take part in the game.

(b)        Guest players can only be selected from teams of the same or lower divisions.

(c)        Guest players can only “Guest” once per team each season

(d)        A maximum of 7 players, including Guests, is used by the team during the game.

(e)        While using Guest Players no player can be substituted.

(f)        A player cannot guest play for their own club.

Sanction: If Team uses a guest player in a game and fails to meet all of the conditions above, they will be deemed as having played an unregistered player and will be fined £10 and deducted 5 points.

46.        No game may commence with less than 5 players representing each team. These 5 players may include those Playing Up and/or up to 2 guest players.

47.        If a team is late or doesn’t have at least 5 players on court and the opposing team is on court in their positions at the start of the game, the umpire will wait 30 seconds for additional player(s) to arrive. If the team fails to arrive and take to the court within 30 seconds, then the team in question will be deemed to have a post midday cancellation and rule 41 applies.

48.        If both teams fail to arrive within the 30 seconds, then each team shall be deducted 5 points, plus charged their court fees and their allocated umpire’s fee.


49.        All umpires must hold an England Netball Membership.

50.        All umpires and committee decisions are final. Arguing will not be tolerated by the league. Any breach of this rule could lead to the team involved being disqualified.

51.        Each team will nominate an umpire for the match before or after their fixture on the same court as their game, or as directed by the Umpiring Secretary. If a match has no game before or after the fixture, then it is the team’s responsibility to nominate an umpire for their own game.

52.        Once an umpire has agreed to officiate a fixture for a team, it is the umpire’s responsibility to find a replacement if they can no longer umpire the fixture. If an umpire does not attend without doing the above or contacting the team who they are covering for, the matter will be dealt with at the committee’s discretion.

53.        Umpires are to arrive in plenty of time for the start of the match to complete necessary player and court checks.

54.        Umpires will be paid electronically by the ADNA treasurer, the following umpire’s fee are:

England Netball Grade A                 £25

England Netball Grade B                 £20

England Netball Grade C                 £15

ADNA League Approved (LA)         £10

Mentors will assist league approved umpires at a fee of £15 per match which will be payable by the league approved umpire.

55.        The league will, as required, carry out assessments on the umpire's ability to perform to a minimum level of their current qualification.

56.        Umpires that are new to the ADNA must provide evidence of qualification and will require an assessment before umpiring a winter league fixture.

57.        If an umpire suspends/orders off a player during a match, both umpires must complete a Player Suspension report and send it to the Disciplinary Secretary within 48 hours of the incident. The form can be downloaded from


58.        Each team will provide a scorer for the match before or after their fixture on the same court as their game, or as directed by the ADNA committee. If a match has no game before or after, then it is the team’s responsibility to find a scorer for their own game.

Sanction: Failure to provide a competent scorer for the whole game will result in the offending team being fined £10 and deducted 3 points.

59.        Scorers are expected to keep time during the match for the umpire and notify the umpire at the end of each quarter.

60.        The two scorers shall sit at the designated scoring area, both scorers will need to sit 1m apart. (please be mindful of others regarding Covid and have a mask to hand if either scorer feels this is a required while carrying out the scoring duty) The scorers shall together agree the score after each goal is scored and call out the score to the players and umpires.

General & Health and Safety

61.        The ADNA is not held responsible for loss, damage, or injury.

62.        The ADNA is not held responsible for any positive Covid-19 cases or self-isolation periods. Everyone involved in netball should familiarise themselves with the latest guidance from England Netball and play a role in keeping the risk of Covid-19 transmitting at netball to a minimum.

63.        ADNA requires that individuals (player, coach, umpire) if pregnant should notify the Registrations Secretary and should only participate beyond 12 weeks with written approval from their doctor/midwife and in accordance with any guidelines issued by itself. The England Netball Personal Accident Insurance cover excludes any loss or expense due to pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage or any consequence thereof. If, for example, a member who is pregnant is involved in an accident not related to the pregnancy, subject to the conditions of the policy, the relevant benefits would be payable. However, if any situation (such as hospitalisation) was prolonged as a direct result of pregnancy, pregnancy complications or even early childbirth, then this portion of any claim is not covered.

64.        All safeguarding issues to be reported in confidence to the league safeguarding officers in writing to . We will aim to respond within 5 days.

65.        It is the responsibility of each team to provide adequate first aid cover.

66.        Team kit must be worn by every player on court. Team kit must consist of Team shirt and skirt or team dress, and bib. Cycle shorts, leggings and tracksuit bottoms beneath team kit are permitted, but must not have fastenings down the legs. New teams entering the league can ask the committee for special permission to play in the training kit until the new kit has arrived.

67.        New teams entering the ADNA, or existing teams wishing to change their playing colours, must make every effort not to duplicate colours and design of any current team registered to the ADNA. Proposed kit design and colour must be submitted to the Correspondence Secretary for approval. Teams may be asked to amend their kit design before purchasing.

68.        Any teams that do wear similar kit colours may be asked by the umpire to wear overhead bibs to distinguish each team. Who should wear them will be decided at the toss of a coin.

69.        As per England netball rules, players should not wear anything which could endanger themselves or others. Furthermore:

(a)        No player is permitted to chew gum on court.

(b)        Electronic trackers are not allowed to be worn during play.

(c)        Only prescription glasses can be worn.

(d)        Seamless gloves may be worn on production of a doctor’s certificate.

(e)        Head coverings must be soft, without embellishment and ends held securely or tucked away. Peaks, baseball or tennis type caps are not allowed.

(f)        Any supports, strapping and braces must be covered to the umpire’s satisfaction so as not to pose a danger to other players.

70.        Legal guardians and/or responsible adults must ensure any children at our venues behave in an appropriate manner. Ball games may not be played along the courtside whilst matches are in progress. Children must remain in the spectator/bench area during match play.

Sanction: Offenders will be asked to leave the court area.

71.        Anyone wishing to take photographs/videos must request permission from each team and umpires. These cannot be shared without consent.

72.        All trophies must be returned to the Fixtures Secretary before the last two fixtures of the season. If a division trophy is damaged or lost it must be replaced by that team.

73.        All other matters not covered by the League Rules will be dealt with by the ADNA committee at the following committee meeting. The committee reserves the right to issue warnings and fines as deemed necessary.

Disciplinary procedures

74.        The League, in addition to these rules, will have a detailed Disciplinary Contract which all teams will be asked to sign at the beginning of each season and must adhere to. If a Club/Team does not return a signed contract by the 30th September, their participation/entry into the ADNA league would be reviewed by the Committee.

75.        Abuse towards any participant/Committee member or umpire will not be tolerated and deductions of 3 points from teams found to be in breach of the code of conduct will be issued following investigation and hearing through the disciplinary committee.

76.        Any player, team, umpire or participant whose actions within the League are not in keeping with the spirit or standard of the League shall be excluded, temporarily or permanently from any or all activities or events within the League. This will be decided by the Committee or if required a Disciplinary Committee will be appointed. The League will act in accordance with the latest England Netball Disciplinary Procedures.

77.        The Committee reserves the right to refuse entry into any League event of any team, person or participant whose past actions have caused the ADNA and/or its members embarrassment or have brought the ADNA and/or game of netball into disrepute.

78.        Players and match officials should not play under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This will not be tolerated, and action will be taken at disciplinary level.

79.        All complaints regarding any matter must be received in writing by the Disciplinary Secretary within 7 days of the incident and all replies from the Disciplinary Secretary or the Committee will be in writing.

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