Team Name: Andover Towing Stars

Current Division: Division 2

Who we are: We started playing under our current sponsors as Andover Towing Stars in 2020.  Prior to this we were sponsored by Wimpy and have played in the ADNA for many years starting as a ‘back to netball’ type team, moving our way up through the league tables as we developed and gained experience.  We are a small, but dedicated and committed team who love to get on court to play in hard, competitive matches but without taking it all too seriously.  We are a fun and friendly team who enjoy each other’s company on and off the court alike.  

Training: Coached Session on Monday evenings from 19.30h until 21.00h

            Harrow Way Community School

New players: We currently have a full squad but always welcome new players of any ability to join our training session to play in team matches when ready.  

Contact Rita Smith - or 07909991820




Team Photo: Will follow.

Team Captain:  Rita Smith                        Vice Captain: Vikki Bealing

Primary Carer:  Sandra McDonald                Club Contact: Rita Smith

Qualified Umpires: Rita Smith and Vikki Bealing

Qualified Coaches: Emma-Jane Goode